Our Story

Who we are?

MILZU! is a company from Latvia established in 2005. From the very beginning we started to develop our products in collaboration with scientists, focusing more on organic products and innovative solutions. Originally we are known as breakfast cereal producer, yet in response to high growth in plant based products MILZU! team has created VEGGY CRUSH as an answer to demand with possibility to have main dish from grey pea – alternative for soy and meat.

MILZU! sees future in simple and clean products and is not afraid to innovate, adding value to Latvia’s traditional crops and expanding their applicability in the world. MILZU! team is driven by the satisfaction of creating a healthy alternative in segment by developing and implementing new products.

Why grey pea?

Veggy Crush products mostly consist of grey peas – cultivation of which in Latvia dates back to the 18th century. Grey pea health benefits:

  • Lower risk of cancer
  • Cholesterol-lowering potential
  • Beneficial for cardiovascular health
  • Anti-inflammatory muscle impact etc.